Here are some of the permanent members of IVA with the links to their personal websites.


Most of the following students are co-advised with french universities or other research teams (see details in parentheses)

  • Magdeleine Airiau (with ONERA DMPE)
  • Benjamin Buat
  • Javiera Castillo Navarro (with CNES, UBS and ESA)
  • Laurane Charrier (with U. Savoie)
  • Maxime Chareyre (with Sigma Clermont)
  • Thomas Di Martino (with SONDRA, Palaiseau)
  • Simon Erdmann (with ONERA DOTA)
  • William Grison
  • Alexis Lechat (with Université Caen Normandie)
  • Gaston Lenczner (with Alteia-Delair and ESA)
  • Rémy Leroy (with ESA)
  • Nathan Letheule (with ONERA DEMR)
  • Antoine Manier (with SNCF/Altametris)
  • Guillaume Vaudaux-Ruth (with ISIR)
  • Arthur Vervinck (with ONERA DAAA)

Past Students